This Negative Is A Positive

Cycling pro and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong addresses the controversy surrounding his 1999 Tour de France win in a Nike commercial breaking this week.
When Armstrong won the grueling race last summer, critics speculated that he had used steroids to enhance his performance. Drug test results, which became public, were negative, however.
In the 30-second TV spot from Nike agency Wieden & Kennedy, Armstrong offers the viewer his take on what it means to be a professional athlete as images of his workout are juxtaposed with a re-creation of him taking a blood test surrounded by photographers and reporters.
˜This is my body and I can do whatever I want to it,” he says in a voiceover. ˜Everybody wants to know what I›m on. What am I on? I›m on my bike six hours a day, busting my ass.”
The commercial will air nationally on cable and prime-time sports broadcasting, including tomorrow›s ABC telecast of the Nokia Sugar Bowl, college football›s championship game between Florida State and Virginia Tech.
„Angela Dawson