Need Milk? Get Soy, Say CL Ads

Campaign Attempts to Make Silk Brand Soy Milk ‘Approachable’
CHICAGO–Carmichael Lynch positions Silk brand soy milk as a “fun and approachable” product in a campaign aimed at mainstream consumers.
White Wave Inc., Boulder, Colo., is attempting to shed soy milk’s image as a stodgy health food in its introductory branding campaign for Silk.
“It’s anything but stodgy,” said Randy Hughes, an associate creative director at the Minneapolis agency. “It’s very contemporary.”
The campaign uses cereal as a suggested way to incorporate soy milk into a daily diet. Each execution shows cereal in various designs with a headline indicating the milk is the product of soy.
“We’re really just trying to make it simple and fun,” Hughes said. “People are getting messages from doctors to get more soy into their diets, and this is an easy way to do it.”
One ad features a chocolate cereal forming the symbol of yin and yang, with the headline, “Taste and nutrition cohabitate harmoniously.” Another shows the cereal forming the universal symbol for women with the headline, “It’s one of those soy meets girl love stories.” The work is tagged, “Get your soy with Silk.”
“We wanted to make it simple,” Hughes said of the tag. He said ads intentionally avoid using perceived healthy cereals–like bran and shredded wheat–to give Silk a more “fun” image.
“We certainly didn’t want it to come off that everything you needed to eat had to be healthful,” he said.
The campaign is White Wave’s first foray into mainstream publications. After having traditionally advertised in health-food publications, the new campaign will begin appearing this month in publications, including People; O, The Oprah Magazine; and Real Simple. The company expects to spend
$10-15 million on advertising this year, officials said. K