NCM Cuts Deal With JAGTAG

National CineMedia is adding JAGTAG’s mobile 2-D barcodes to its interactive marketing mix, giving advertisers the ability to expand cinema campaigns outside the movie theater.
The deal, announced Wednesday (Aug. 4) follows a successful trial of the JAGTAG mobile application as part of an in-theater campaign for AXE’s Twisted Humor Tour.

During the month of April, AXE invited young male moviegoers in 100 theaters in the top 10 markets to use their cell phones to snap a picture of the JAGTAG code on standees, handouts and counter cards in-lobby and text the code to the number displayed. In return, participants were sent one of three funny videos from comedians promoting the AXE Twisted Humor Tour.

Since JAGTAG brought its technology to market in 2009, the 2D barcodes have been deployed in about 50 different campaigns by advertisers such as Unilever, Fox, Dell, Yahoo, Red Bull and Nike. Sports Illustrated recently used JAGTAG to promote its famous Swim Suit edition, sending participants one of six different videos of swimsuit models.

“Adding JAGTAG is all about offering a balanced, complete media mix for advertisers using the cinema to interact at multiple touch points with moviegoers,” said Cliff Marks, president of sales and marketing for NCM Media Networks. “I think we’ll attract more brands because we offer additional touch points,” he added.

AXE’s integrated cinema campaign, which included on screen ads, lobby promotions, and box office handouts, increased brand recall by 63 percent and intent to purchase by 33 percent. A full 60 percent of moviegoers said they would participate in a similar JAGTAG-powered campaign in the future.

Advertisers that take advantage of the JAGTAG mobile solution don’t pay anything extra to incorporate JAGTAG in their cinema campaigns, only a per response fee. The company also provides metrics to advertisers, so that responses can be evaluated by time of day or by theater in order to increase participation.  

“It’s a great solution for out of home. Brands have already paid for the out of home presence, so this doesn’t cost them anything extra,” said Ed Jordon, CEO of JAGTAG.

The technology is also cell phone agnostic. Unlike other 2-D barcode technology, JAGTAG doesn’t require users to download a special application on their cell phones, making it usable for 90 percent of all cell phones in the market.