NBCU Joins With Mediaport to Tout News

NEW YORK NBC Universal has formed a partnership with Mediaport, a company that operates a network of music kiosks in retail stores, to promote its late night and news programming, as well as MSNBC.

Mediaport’s network of music kiosks, or e-media “vending machines,” allows shoppers to purchase and download individual songs from major music artists to various portable devices, such as MP3 players and cellphones. As part of a promotional effort initiated by the NBC Agency, NBCU’s in-house ad group, the company has begun running ads on kiosk screens.

The idea behind the effort is to target the younger, iPod-loving crowd, said Frank Radice, an evp of on-air advertising at the NBC Agency.

“The partnership is an ideal way for us to reach digital savvy 18-28-year-olds,” he said. “Media kiosks have a promising future and present an exciting new channel for us to reach and influence these target groups.”