For many people, moving from one side of town to another is hard enough. But moving into an area with no name? Yikes.

New York shop Oasis was confronted with this puzzlement when it decided to shift its Manhattan digs at 179 Frank lin St. in TriBeCa to a larger habitat at 520 Eighth Ave. at 36th Street. How could the agency find a suitably snappy name to describe its new, unsung locale?

To solve this dilemma, the shop created an agencywide “Name Our Neighborhood” contest. More than 70 entries were submitted from each department, including “WoNI” (West of Nothing Interesting), “GarBo” (Garment Bohemia) and “RATS” (Right Around Times Square).

“We were used to having a name for our neighborhood,” said Paul Bernasconi, Oasis partner and creative director. “I wanted something that was clever but that would also stick.”

Eventually, the winning name, contributed by media planner Eunice Hong, was “SoHell” (South of Hell’s Kitchen). For her efforts, Hong won a bag filled with cut-price merchandise from neighborhood vendors.

Oasis completed the move to its new office on June 1. As for whether the new moniker will fall into the lexicon, Bernasconi was upbeat. “If I’ve got something to do with it, it sure will,” he said.