A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but an interactive media company needs a name that tells the world exactly what it is.

Choosing a company name is not so simple. Just ask Eric Snyder. It took nearly a month for the former media director at Pagano Schenck & Kay to sift through titles like Interactive Media Strategy or The Store before settling on a name for his fledgling new media company.

‘It had to have some sort of funk attached to it,’ Snyder said. ‘The Store was inviting, but we may be working with cataloguers who don’t have a storefront.’

The winning title? Circle Interactive.

‘It’s an ongoing, never ending process, but that’s as it should be,’ Snyder said about interactive work, explaining the rationale for the agency’s name.

‘Anyone who thinks you can design a Web site and walk away from it is wrong. It’s an idea that never goes to sleep.’

The search for a media director to replace Snyder at Pagano Schenck & Kay continues.

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