Name-Dropper in Big D

In Deference to Alabama Agency’s Claim, Jackhammer Changes Its Identity to Pyro
DALLAS–Eight months after being told their new agency moniker was already being used by another shop, the principals of Jackhammer in Dallas have agreed to drop the name. The agency has been redubbed Pyro.
Pyro principals John Beitter and Todd Tilford were contacted by Chris Goldschmidt of Jackhammer in Birmingham, Ala., last year. Goldschmidt said his shop, which now bills $2.8 million, had been using the Jackhammer name since 1995. He asked the Dallas agency, a spinoff of The Richards Group, to drop the Jackhammer designation.
“We did all the appropriate trademark searches and the name didn’t turn up,” Tilford said. “We were just as surprised as anyone, but we decided that rather than incur legal expenses, we would change the name and move forward. . . Obviously, what people value is our creative work.”
In a statement, Goldschmidt said: “I am pleased that we were able to resolve the issue fairly, without an extended legal battle. We all prefer to concentrate our energies on our clients and building our businesses.”
Tilford would not say whether his shop was required to reimburse Goldschmidt and Jackhammer for any legal expenses related to the agreement.
Since branching off from Richards, Pyro’s client roster has grown to include Hummer, Dr. Martens footwear, the Dallas Mavericks, Oxygen in-line skates, and computer game firms Ion Storm and id Software.
Pyro continues to utilize Rich-ards’ resources on an as-needed basis, Tilford said.