Nail Breaks Effort for Atomic Ski

BOSTON Nail Communica-
tions continues to target obsessive skiers in its latest round of print ads for Atomic Ski USA.

One ad shows what appears to be a group of birds forming a “V” in the sky; on closer inspection, however, one can see the “birds” are actually people wearing skis.

Another execution shows amusement-park attendees on swings, with several wearing skis. Both ads read, in small print, “We see it too.” That line was introduced last fall in a campaign that showed images of moguls in rush-hour traffic on Boston’s Southeast Expressway and chair lifts on the telephone wires of Boston’s Commonwealth Avenue.

“It’s an illusion—the viewer sees the skis in these scenes and dreams of skiing,” said Nail managing partner Chuck Carmone.

The ads from the Providence, R.I., shop use the “Obsession? Compulsion? Addiction?” tagline introduced in 1998, when Nail picked up the business, to illustrate how skiers constantly have the sport in mind.

The ads are breaking in September issues of publications such as Ski, Skiing, Powder and Free Skier, and will run throughout the year, according to Carmone.

Amherst, N.H.-based Atomic Ski spent less than $1 million on media in 2002, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.