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Back in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, advertising was a different game.

Pitching business was exciting, creating ads was fun and execs considered one another friends as well as rivals, according to a book by Ray Welch, who draws from his four decades on the Boston agency scene. Copywriter: A Life of Making Ads and Other Mistakes will be out next month from Hot House Press in Cohasset, Mass.

Welch, best known as principal of Welch Cur rier in Boston, got the idea from his daughter. After years of hearing Dad’s stories about his ad adventures, she asked him to write them down. So he collected anecdotes from the days “before people became ‘corporate’ and afraid,” Welch said.

Each chapter was designed by art directors with whom Welch has worked. One chapter, “The Killington Pitch,” describes a crazy helicopter ride Welch took to a last-minute presentation while he was a creative director at Ingalls.

These days, Welch freelances, recently lending his voice to Wayland Golf’s radio spots. “Now, you couldn’t drag me back into the agency bus iness,” he said.