Mustang Pep Rally

Southern Methodist University is known nationwide for two traits: its football “death penalty” and expensive tuition.
Notoriety will forever follow the Mustangs for having their gridiron program suspended by the NCAA for recruiting violations 10 years ago. Now DDB Needham Dallas is working to take some tinsel off SMU’s otherwise glitzy image.
In a new print campaign concentrated around the Dallas campus, DDB pokes fun at the rich image SMU invokes from its tony University Park area.
The first ad has a picture of a basketball goal with a chandelier for a net. “If this is your idea of SMU basketball, then you’ve never seen SMU basketball.”
“SMU’s reputation as an expensive, private college has not always bode well for its athletics program,” said DDB chief creative officer Jim Ferguson. “By shattering this stereotype, we intend to develop genuine enthusiasm for the players.” –Glen Fest