Must-Flee TV for Southwest Airlines

DALLAS GSD&M’s latest installment of its “Wanna get away” television campaign continues to put people in uncomfortable situations to promote Southwest Airlines as a way to escape.

The first 30-second spot by the Austin, Texas-based Omnicom shop opens with a man sitting at a conference room table. As a female executive sits down, he says, “Maybe this isn’t the best time to say it, but I think you’re really beautiful.” Flattered, she smiles at him and replies, “Well, I’ve always been attracted to you too, Paul.” He suddenly turns to face her and you see that he is talking on his hands-free cell phone. He then says into the phone, “Wait, hold on one second, baby.” An awkward pause follows as he turns to the woman and says, “Excuse me?” The spot then offers a promotional deal before concluding with the Southwest logo and tag, “You are now free to move about the country.”

“Conference Room” begins airing May 2 on ABC, TNT and ESPN. Southwest Airlines will air the spot during National League baseball telecasts. The ad will run intermittently with different offers throughout the year or until Southwest ends the promotional offer, the shop said.

The two remaining spots, “Brick” and “Blower,” will appear on the same networks when they are released later this spring.

“Brick” shows a water-delivery man picking up two empty bottles from a residential home. Before he leaves, he picks up a basketball and aims for a nearby hoop. He misses and ends up knocking out two panes of glass in the owners’ garage. The owners just happen to be gardening in the front yard.

“Blower” features a man blowing leaves in a driveway. He finally looks up to see hundreds of the leaves attached to a newly painted home. The homeowner returns with a fresh can of paint in time to witness the new additions to his house.

GSD&M’s “Wanna get away” campaign has been used by the airline for six years and has had up to 15 executions.