Mun2 Mounts Campaign

NEW YORK Mun2 is rolling out a multiplatform branding campaign this week to showcase the bilingual entertainment network as a growing presence in the U.S. Hispanic marketplace with widening distribution and young bicultural viewers.

Using the network’s theme “Do da dos” (“Do the two”), mun2 creative director Ricardo Montreuil has produced a series of spots for radio and TV that demonstrate the “energy and diverse lifestyles of Hispanic youth,” he said.

The campaign will target young Hispanic consumers via TV, radio, online and out of home and aim at the broadcasting industry in the trade press, said Montreuil, who headed up the in-house mun2 creative team responsible for mounting the plan. Details on the ad spend were not made available.

“‘Do da dos'” plays on he mun2 brand name while presenting energetic, colorful and stylized illustrations of diverse lifestyles among bilingual, bicultural young Latinos,” Montreuil said.

The spots are designed to serve as “playful and vibrant representations of the attitudes and personalities of the mun2 audience,” he added.

Mun2 is currently in more than 24 million U.S. households via digital, analog cable and satellite provider. The number is expected to increase to 27 million when the digital transition takes place in February, per the network.

“‘Do da dos'” echoes our position as the leading network in the bicultural youth space, genuinely representing the best of both worlds for young Latinos,” Flavio Morales, mun2 vp, programming, said in a statement.

One commercial shows two Latino teens settling a power grab for the television remote with an old-fashioned contest of rock-paper-scissors. “The winner is the kid who displays the sign for “dos,” or “two,” often also used as the “peace” or “V” for victory sign,” Montreuil said.

Other spots feature top recording artists, entertainers and celebs who’ve appeared on mun2 programs displaying the “da dos” sign. They include Daddy Yankee, Sean Kingston, Juanes, Tego Calderon, Eve and Pitbull.

Radio spots will begin airing this week in Chicago. In the coming weeks, radio ads will break in other top U.S. markets where mun2 arrived in late April via Comcast Cable, which offers the youth network through its On Demand service.

TV spots will air on mun2 in Chicago and in other cities where Comcast is available. The work will introduce mun2 to young Hispanic TV viewers who may not be familiar with the network or know that the channel is available to Comcast subscribers as part of its designated Spanish tier of channels known as Cable Latino.

Print ads are planned for publication later this week in broadcasting industry trade journals. Banner ads are scheduled to appear online at the network’s Web site,

The marketing push coincides with the roll out of the network’s week of special programming, which began Monday and runs through Memorial Day, May 26, as selected by mun2 viewers in online voting at Mun2 programming for the week includes fan favorites of various shows. In keeping with the “dos” theme, favorite duos, collaborations and ratings grabbers will be rebroadcast on May 24 at 10 p.m. and on May 26 at 5 p.m.