Mullen Gives Voice to Women’s Cable Network

While Oxygen Fights for Channels on the Dial, Its Ads Take Off
BOSTON–Mullen is trumpeting the premiere of the Oxygen women’s network with TV and print ads featuring baby power.
The 24-hour cable and Web network launched last week with the new “It’s in you” tag in top markets across the nation and will continue to air through February followed by radio.
The line seeks to make a connection to female viewers, said Mullen chief creative director Edward Boches, who worked with copywriters Spencer Deadrick and Kara Goodrich and art director Amy Watt on its development. It says “Oxygen isn’t something separate from women,” Boches said. “It’s endemic to what they are all about.”
New York-based Oxygen Media, which also maintains a number of Web sites for women, is led by Geraldine Laybourne, former Nickelodeon president, and backed by Oprah Winfrey, among others.
Oxygen is airing in a limited number of markets, reaching 6-7 million cable subscribers. AT&T Corp. has said it will carry the service, but other major cable companies, such as Time Warner, Comcast and Cox Communications, have yet to sign on. Its Web site urges women in markets without the network to contact their local cable systems.
The TV ad, which aired first on Super Bowl XXXIV, stars a baby girl who leads a rebellion against a hospital nurse attempting to make all the female infants wear pink hats. The spot will air mostly in prime time in nine of the 10 top markets (except Dallas) through February. Newspaper ads, which feature the raised, clenched fist of a newborn, will run in New York through the first quarter. Radio spots are scheduled to begin next week for a five-week flight in the same markets as television, according to Mullen media manager Shea Kelly.
The number of visitors to the Oxygen Web site jumped from a two-day average of 148,000 during the previous three weeks to 196,000 on Super Bowl Sunday and the following Monday, per Media Metrix.