Moving Through the Ranks – Farrell Named Mintz & Hoke Chief Operating Officer

By Sarah Jones

BOSTON–Mintz & Hoke has moved Mary Farrell up its corporate ladder, promoting her to the new post of chief operating officer.

Farrell had been director of client services for the Avon, Conn.-based agency since 1991.

‘It seemed like we were functioning OK, because the responsibilities for that (post) were spread around,’ said president Joe Hoke. ‘But to have the ability to keep on growing, we found it was better to consolidate that. It’s important as we mature as a company to recognize the importance of this position.’

For some time Farrell has juggled client demands while overseeing the financial services, account services, public relations, media, research, strategic planning, direct marketing and human resource departments. ‘She hasn’t needed any hobbies,’ Hoke observed.

Farrell joined the agency in 1979 with the goal of building the public relations department. Over the last 18 years, she has shaped a practice with a strong track record.

Hoke also credited Farrell with much of the shop’s steady performance in recent years; last year’s billings and revenues rose 2 percent to $61 million and $9 million, respectively.

‘She’s extremely capable and super to work with,’ said Dacta product manager John Dion who has collaborated with Farrell since November on a product launch. Dacta is the educational division of LEGO in Enfield, Conn. ‘She’s helped tremendously with the marketing communication plan for the development of the design language for this new product,’ he said.

Farrell has received several awards, including a Gold Effie from the New York chapter of the American Marketing Association and the merit award from the Public Relations Society of America.

Part of Hoke’s maturation plan for his 63-person agency includes promoting Diane Edwards to senior vice president and director of public relations and adding staff to the creative department.

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