MoveOn Mounts Iraq Offensive

NEW YORK Liberal advocacy group MoveOn PAC is breaking a TV and print campaign today focusing on pulling troops out of Iraq, as President George W. Bush prepares to address the nation tonight about his Iraq policy.

Created by Zimmerman & Markman in Santa Monica, Calif., a print ad, which ran in The New York Times today, shows a photograph of a helmet with letters addressed to a soldier inside and copy reading, “We went in the wrong way. Let’s get out the right way,” urging the administration to withdraw from Iraq.

One 30-second TV spot will begin airing nationally on CNN and Fox tonight with a similar message, calling Iraq a “quagmire” and quoting Republican Senator Chuck Hagel saying, “The White House is completely disconnected from reality.” Onscreen copy states, “It’s time to come home.”

The budget for the campaign was estimated by MoveOn at $500,000. In two weeks, the spot will begin to run in key congressional districts nationwide.

MoveOn PAC’s advertising first made a splash when a commercial that criticized Bush’s policies was banned from the Super Bowl, but available on the organization’s Web site,