Move Over Bullwinkle

Fresh Samantha, the natural juice maker, has a new spokesperson–a moose.
A new campaign starring the creature–an actor in a costume –is presented as a set of TV news dispatches from Saco, Maine, the home of Samantha.
But why a moose? The animal “is Maine’s state bird or something,” said Michael Dweck, principal of Dweck in New York, Samantha’s first agency. Dweck was awarded the estimated $2.5 million account in February.
Inspired by HR Puffnstuf, TV critters created by Sid and Marty Krofft in the ’70s, the plush “spokes-moose” interviews a beverage mixologist who sports a beard-net on the job instead of a hair net; becomes karate expert “Moose Lee” and karate chops a talking mango; and finally appears as a John McLaughlin-style TV pundit (shown here), barking at “Pat Racoonan,” a racoon puppet.
The campaign includes radio spots, print work and a Winnebago, shaped like a juice bottle, currently traveling cross-country. –Richard Linnett