Moses Anshell Looks Back to Guide Stoxnow Forward

Moses Anshell has broken the first in a series of TV ads for Stoxnow, an online investment firm that links traders directly with exchanges and real-time data.
The Phoenix shop won Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Stoxnow’s business, valued at $5 million, in July.
One 30-second spot explains, through white text on black and a voiceover, how the 1896 war between Zanzibar and England lasted all of 38 minutes. The tagline is, “ Because a lot can happen in a little time.”
Agency president/creative director Louie Moses said the ads will all use history to support its theme of speed. The campaign, supported by radio spots, targets frequent day traders and will be updated monthly with as many as 25 additional spots, Moses said. –James Zoltak