More Labors of Love for Cheese

CHICAGO Dairy Management Inc. continues to show what outlandish situations cheese lovers get into in two new television spots from DDB.

The national commercials continue the “Ahh, the Power of Cheese” campaign created by the Chicago shop several years ago.

In one spot breaking Monday, a shopkeeper’s elaborate security system nabs a cheese lover who tries to break into the closed store to grab some Cheddar. Police arrive and the bewildered man is hauled off to jail.

The other spot, which will break April 7, shows an overzealous child swinging at a pinata full a cheese. His swing results in the papier-mache container flying through the sky and knocking down a magician at a birthday party. The children at the party then rush to retrieve the cheese from the broken pinata.

The Rosement, Ill., trade organization’s media expenditures totaled $90 million through November 2002, according to CMR.