Monday Miscellany

* Thirty-seven percent of a survey’s adults said they ate breakfast at a fast-food restaurant in the month before being queried. McDonald’s was the favorite breakfast spot for these respondents. (Scarborough Research)

* Even as economists fret about the possibility of deflation, just 12 percent of consumers surveyed believe the prices they pay in a range of categories have come down. (WSL Strategic Retail)

* Seventy-four percent of respondents said they don’t consume energy drinks/
shots, and seven in 10 of these people said they’re not interested in trying those products. (Mintel)

* Asked to identify major factors that influence where they shop for groceries, 75 percent cited price, 71 percent location, 57 percent selection, 48 percent quality and 32 percent fresh produce. (BIGresearch)

* Forty-three percent said they attend religious services weekly or almost weekly, up one percentage point from 2008. (Gallup)

* Among those age 12 and older who report using social networking sites/services several times a day, 57 percent are female and 25 percent are students. (Edison Research/Arbitron)

* Among fathers with kids under age 18 at home, 72 percent said they’d “be willing to pass up a promotion if that promotion meant that I would have less time with my family.” (Yankelovich Monitor)

* Sixty-four percent of Hispanic mothers surveyed (vs. 43 percent of “general market” mothers) agreed they “frequently use recipes handed down by my mother and grandmother.” Thirty-six percent of the Hispanic mothers (vs. 8 percent of the general-market mothers) agreed that “Only lazy people use prepared food.” (People en Español)