Monday Miscellany

* In states that collected such data, the median proportion of secondary schools refusing to sell soda (or fruit drinks that aren’t pure juice) rose from 38 percent in 2006 to 63 percent last year. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

* Reflecting a “paycheck effect,” respondents’ daily spending in stores, restaurants, gas stations and online is highest on Friday ($73) and Saturday ($76), while it’s lowest on Monday ($56) and Tuesday ($55). (Gallup)

* Twenty-five percent intend to pay for purchases more often with cash during the next three months. (BIGresearch)

* Twenty-seven percent would be at least somewhat interested in receiving alerts via mobile phone about sales at favorite restaurants, retailers and other such establishments, as long as they’d opted in to receive the messages. (1020 Placecast/Harris Interactive)

* Fifty-eight percent say they have less confidence in “major corporations” than they did 12 months ago. (AllState/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll)

* Among employed respondents, 10 percent are “very worried” and 34 percent “somewhat worried” about losing their jobs. (The Economist/You Gov)