Mommie dearest

A study from Leo Burnett’s LeoShe women’s marketing team suggests many marketers are missing the mark when it comes to advertising to moms.
“There are a handful of clichƒs that are used in nearly all ads targeting mothers,” said vice president/planning director Denise Fedewa. “From the soccer mom to the germ-a-phobe, advertisers are employing obsolete ideals of what motherhood is all about.”
The study, which involved coffees with 403 mothers of all races, found that many moms don’t care about such traditionally held values as cooking from scratch and keeping a home obsessively clean. More important are building close relationships with children, fostering healthy living and eating together.
More detailed results of the study and an outlook on the future of motherhood are being shared with the Burnett clients who have mothers as a target market. –Aaron Baar