MOG Debuts Ad Network

NEW YORK MOG, a music blogging platform, has created the MOG Music Network (MMN), an advertising net for independent music blogs and music Web sites.

At launch, the network has in place more than 30 music blogs and Web site affiliates. MMN’s intention is to generate revenue from advertising and assist affiliate sites in gaining more traffic.

MOG, where users can access music content online and create their own MOG pages, launched in 2006. In December 2007, MOG integrated with the Rhapsody digital music service.

“We’re not just repping ads here,” said David Hyman, MOG’s CEO and founder. “MOG has already built the largest pure music blogging platform. Now we’re opening MOG’s doors and integrating independent music blogs into our platform. They get to find a brand new audience while benefiting from our back end of community and streaming music.”

Alex Brough, MOG’s vp of sales and strategic partnerships, said the move is an “evolution into MOG’s growth.” But, he added, “it doesn’t hurt that a lot of advertisers are starting to use music a lot more as a marketing platform.” Brough pointed to examples like Heineken and its dedicated multi-country music Web sites that offer artist interviews and footage, as well as a chance to win concert tickets.

Brough said MMN would look to create integrated sponsorships for advertisers. It is already working with Dada Entertainment, a direct-to-consumer entertainment service featuring integrated mobile and Web offerings that is a joint venture between Dada USA and Sony BMG Music Entertainment. MMN will offer digital music and ring tones for brand building. “We’re not just repping other music sites. What we’re actually doing is pulling their content into MOG to make it a place where users can get music content as an actual music fan> … From an advertiser’s perspective, it actually allows me to go in and build premium sponsorships outside of just, he said.

Additionally, music executive Rick Rubin, who has produced albums for artists such as Neil Diamond, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Tom Petty, Run DMC and Johnny Cash, has joined the MOG board of directors. “Rick has established himself as one of the world’s top music producers because he has a great sensibility for what music fans want. We’re excited to have his expertise help shape the company,” said Hyman.