Modernista! Revs Ads for Hummer’s H2

BOSTON — General Motors this week unveils the first ads for its much ballyhooed Hummer H2 vehicle. The work from Boston’s Modernista! Retains the tagline “Like nothing else,” introduced last year in ads for the H1, but otherwise the initial H2 print and outdoor work differs radically.

Efforts for the H2 feature bold, sky-blue backgrounds and highlight sleek design elements through the use of arty, close-ups shot at dramatic angles. The ads will break in Esquire, Forbes Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and elsewhere, sources said. National TV is slated for a mid-August rollout. Hummer spent just $5 million on ads last year, per CMR, but that figure is expected to be in excess of $20 million in 2002 with the H2 launch.