The Mobile Sweet Spot

Time will tell whether they outgrow this tendency, but 18-24-year-olds are an impressionable audience for advertising via cell-phone text messaging. In a BIGresearch study, Asked whether they’re such advertising influences them to buy things in various categories, 16 percent it does so where electronics items are concerned. The figures were lower but significant for apparel (8 percent), groceries (6 percent), eating out (6 percent), home improvement (5 percent) and cars/trucks (5 percent).

Older consumers are less taken with ads in this medium. Among all adults, electronics was the only sector covered by the study in which as many as 6 percent said text-message ads via cell phone influence them to buy.

The age gap is at least partly a function of the fact that 18-24s are more apt than their elders to use cell phones for all sorts of purposes. One example: 31 percent of 18-24s communicate via text messaging, vs. 11 percent of all adults.