Mobile Marketing and Media

Today is tomorrow. But will tomorrow soon be yesterday?

The digital landscape becomes more evolved and sophisticated daily, allowing consumers and marketers to use new tools in ways that were just recently unimaginable. In our special issue on mobile, we look at just how deeply marketers can penetrate the lives of consumers as they walk and talk, and conduct everyday tasks.

The technological advances make life easier to navigate, but will they come at too high a personal price? Inside, Mike Shields explores the issue of privacy in a mobile world.

We also delve into the battle between Google and Apple and what it means for brands, and Brian Morrissey looks at three companies that are mastering the mobile medium with initiatives that entertain and engage consumers, and give marketers new means to monetize the user experience. While rewarding, they’re not without their risks.

What’s next on this ever-expanding horizon? For sure, it will revolve around the iPad and competing tablets that might be a panacea for users, publishers and marketers alike, Lucia Moses reports. These new tools and techniques are proving to be a virtual field of dreams.