Mobile Electronics Have Extra Allure

Hispanic consumers are proving to be early adopters of some mobile technologies, according to a study by Forrester Research, even as they lag in ownership of some unmobile big-ticket items. And that’s consistent with a pair of demographic facts the report notes: U.S. Hispanics skew younger than the general population, which puts more of them in mobile-enthuser age brackets; and they have lower income on average than do non-Hispanic households, leaving them less money to spend on the priciest electronic items. So, Hispanics are half as likely to have a home theater system (17 percent vs. 34 percent). But, as you can see from the chart, they’re more likely than non-Hispanic consumers to own such exotic portable items as camera-enabled mobile phones. The statistics for computer ownership reflect the appeal of portability to the Hispanic market: While non-Hispanics are almost twice as likely as Hispanics to have a desktop computer at home, the gap significantly narrows when it comes to laptops.