M&M/Mars Marketing Fun for a Quarter

M&M/Mars this summer launches a merchandising platform dubbed “Funworks” that offers confections to kid consumers for just a quarter — a price point that the Hackettstown, N.J.-based candy giant currently doesn’t offer.

The Funworks launch features a Starburst Chew lollipop, manufactured with assistance by joint venture partner Chupa Chups, half ounce packs of M&M Minis and a chocolate taffy extension of The Three Musketeers candy bar. The Minis pack are positioned as refills for the Toy & Pogo candy dispensers M&M/Mars recently rolled featuring tops with collectible Mini characters on bikes, skateboards and surf boards. Support for Minis and Three Musketeers Chocolate Chewlicious will be POP displays sporting Funworks graphics.

The Starburst lollipop, in red and yellow packaging, will receive media support, per a company rep.