M/M Breaks Comical Campaigns

LOS ANGELES-Matthews/Mark demonstrates its comic prowess in new campaigns for Star System and Next Nutrition.
The San Diego shop earlier this month introduced “Ira,” a feisty senior citizen who touts Star System’s network of automatic teller machines.
“The beauty about being my age is there’s not a lot of men my age,” he says in the TV spot, demonstrating how he impresses ladies by “flash[ing] the cash” and buying gifts with his ATM card.
“Everyone has to know that [Star System] is there for them, when they need security and convenience,” said Michael Mark, the agency’s president and creative director.
The spot will air on national network and cable throughout the year. Outdoor and movie theater ads support the TV.
Separately, the shop this month also broke a new print and TV campaign for Next Nutrition. In one spot, we hear an enormous athlete struggling to lift weights, with his coach egging him on. “When they say no pain, no gain, are they talking about the taste of your protein powder?” asks a voiceover. The viewer then sees the lifter is actually trying to lift a glass of a bad-tasting weight drink.
The ads are airing on health and fitness cable shows. Print ads appear in national fitness magazines. ƒ