Miracle-Gro “Flowers”

Granted, it’s a counterintuitive concept: a sexy sales pitch for plant food and potting mix and the like. But it works in this commercial for Miracle-Gro (via ML Rogers of New York). Interspersed with the flowers and soil and vegetables, we get a glimpse of slim bare midriff, a blonde with a gleam in her eye, a cute woman sitting on a bench by herself. And it’s all backed by the vintage R&B song You Sexy Thing. The people in the spot look like they’e having fun growing things, while the voiceover contributes the worthwhile suggestion that, “It’s time for your dirt manicure.” (The phrase “dirt manicure” is already out there, apparently, as a Google search for it yields 500-plus hits.) The spot also gives a workover to people who intend to plant this year but might dawdle until they end up deciding it’s too late in the season to do so. Thus, in addition to saying it’s time for that dirt manicure, the spot says, “It’s time to discover the power of flowers,” “It’s time to find your tomato mojo” and “It’s time to grow something.” If that doesn’t hector you off your couch and out into the garden, you’re just not hectorable. –Mark Dolliver