Mintz & Hoke Ads Address Rape

A statewide campaign for the Connecticut Department of Public Health warning teenage girls and older men about statutory rape and its consequences broke last week.
Created by Mintz & Hoke in Avon, Conn., the effort includes TV commercials, radio ads, billboards, posters and pamphlets that use the line, “Sex with a minor. It’s a felony.”
A 30-second TV spot features a voiceover by Andre Braugher, star of the hit series Homicide: Life on the Streets. He warns: “It doesn’t matter how old she looks. Mess with a girl under 16 and all that matters is how old you’ll be . . . when you get out of jail.”
A moody poster shows a male figure in silhouette pressed against the bars of a jail cell. The headline reads, “Rob the cradle and get yourself a brand new crib.”
A radio ad urges underage women to “abstain” from sex with older men and includes a toll-free number.
Chris Knopf served as creative director for the campaign. Alan Maislen wrote the copy. Su Strawderman handled art direction.
Mintz & Hoke was given a budget of only $250,000 to create the campaign, said account supervisor Melanie McMillan. Some of the media, particularly on broadcast outlets, is expected to be donated by various stations.
Connecticut has an especially high rate of teen pregnancy, McMillan said. Some 66 percent of the infants born to teen mothers in the state have fathers 20 years of age or older, according to Department of Public Health statistics. The teen birth rates in Hartford and Bridgeport–both in the 20 percent range–are nearly double that of New York City, the state said.

Mintz & Hoke also handles the department’s AIDS prevention and compulsive gambling initiatives.