Miller Time Rolls On With New Ads, Packaging Changes For Lite Brand

Miller Brewing is extending the offbeat campaign for Miller Lite to the brand’s cans and bottles, which will feature the Miller trademark for the first time and bear such messages as “Hi there” and “No assembly required.”
Those changes, as well as a raft of new ads for Lite and other brands, were introduced to Miller distributors at the Milwaukee brewer’s business meeting last week in Houston.
The new Lite packaging takes its attitude from the “Dick” campaign from Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis, and should draw attention to the brand in a similar fashion, said Jack Rooney, the brewer’s vice president of marketing.
“Every element of Miller Lite’s marketing mix has changed in the last 14 months except packaging,” Rooney said. “It’s a canvas, and we’re taking advantage of that canvas to make it more interactive and engaging.”
Also unveiled for Lite were new “Dick” ads, as well as Spanish language spots from Hispanic agency LuceroBentz in Dallas and urban-oriented spots from Fraser Smith/FSG Ad Partners, New York, featuring rap stars Ice-T and Dr. Dre. These spots will not be relegated to ethnic media but will be integrated into the general campaign mix, Rooney said.
The brewer does not plan any regional efforts like those for Lite that were directed at Texas last year.
The meeting also featured new TV work from Square One in Dallas for Red Dog, which received virtually no support last year, and from Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore., for Miller High Life, which has been out of the brewer’s marketing loop for seven years.
Square One’s work for Red Dog uses a new tagline, “Let the dog out,” replacing “Be your own dog.” The High Life efforts take a manly approach, with one ad featuring a man who despairs when a friend is unable to properly back a trailered boat into a driveway.
Spending levels for Lite and Miller Genuine Draft will be consistent with last year, Rooney said.