Miller Aims for Greater Consistency With Revamp

Miller Brewing has reorganized its marketing department in an effort to put forth a more unified brand message.

The revamp creates separate units—one for the main brand lines and one for the imports and new products. Product manager Erv Frederick will run Miller Trademark Strategic Business, while Denis McGarry, a vice president of e-business and corporate strategy, will oversee Enterprise Brands and Business Development.

Frederick and McGarry will both take general manager titles and report to Miller’s senior vice president of marketing, Robert Mikulay.

The Milwaukee brewer’s marketing department was previously divided into more units. That structure was blamed for inconsistent strategies that frustrated distributors, according to sources.

The objective now is a more precise message for brands and the brewer as a whole, said Miller representative Scott Bussen.

The Trademark unit will handle all products with the Miller name and related image advertising, such as the company’s “Live responsibly” ads and heritage work. The Enterprise Brands unit will handle all imports, malt beverages, new products and e-business.

In a related move, Miller’s marketing-services departments have been folded into two units. The Marketing Services group, led by Steve Buerger, will work on media buying, event and sports marketing, brand identity and packaging development. Market and Business In-sights, headed by Ed Gawronski, will handle all aspects of market research.

Both Buerger and Gawronski report to Mikulay.

The changes are part of a two- year process to reshape Miller’s advertising initiatives—a directive from Miller’s president and CEO John Bowlin, who arrived from Kraft Foods International in 1999.

The realignment is not expectedto affect Miller’s relationship with its ad agencies, which include Ogilvy & Mather in New York, J. Walter Thompson and Young & Rubicam in Chicago and Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Ore.