Milking Y2K

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners offers up its take on what might happen on New Year’s Eve in a new 30-second TV spot for the California Milk Processor Board.
Imagine the big countdown is on … 9, 8, 7 … but as the next millennium begins, POW!, sparks fly and people panic as the Y2K meltdown takes place. The whole world is thrown into chaos.
Except for cows, that is.
In “Y2Kud,” the San Francisco agency’s latest “Got milk?” installment, a heifer in a moonlit farm yard is touched by the Y2K hysteria only when the light on a nearby barn blows out after midnight. Unphased, the cow resumes its munching. Text on the screen reads, “Cows … Y2K ready.”
The spot wraps with the “Got milk?” tag.
“We can take a very different approach to the Y2K craziness,” said Jeff Manning, executive director for the Berkeley, Calif.-based client. “Cows don’t operate on microchips.” –Jane Irene Kell