Mighty Mouse Stars For Cheese

Mighty Mouse can’t be pulled away from the cheese tray in one of four new spots for Dairy Management Inc. from DDB Chicago.

It’s the second year of DMI’s “Ahh, the power of cheese,” campaign. The Mighty Mouse spot, titled “Disaster,” shows a town called “Hope” reduced to rubble by alien invaders. Mighty Mouse lies contently on a restaurant table munching on cubes of cheese, undistracted by the mayhem around him. A man hiding in the restaurant asks the animated hero: “Isn’t it time for ‘Here I come to save the day?'”

The spot breaks April 9 on prime time programs Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and NYPD Blue and on cable stations. Print executions will appear in April issues of People, Sports Illustrated, Time, TV Guide and US Weekly.

Mighty Mouse was found to be a nostalgic figure for the commercial’s target, said Dick Cooper, director of cheese advertising at DMI. The $400,000 production budget, Cooper said, allowed director Kinka Usher to employ a lot of special effects that are evident in the spot.

The over-the-top opening jibes with the campaign’s on-going script of exaggerating situations that tell the tale of the power of cheese.

America’s cheese consumption has increased five percent each year for the past three years, as have DMI’s media expenditures, Cooper said. DMI, Rosemont, Ill., spent about $45 million on cheese advertising last year, per Competitive Media Reporting.