Middle Age Takes a Holiday

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“Are you gonna go for it?” the young siren asks in her most come-hither voice. She flirts with a tall, dark-haired, middle-aged man, who responds, “This is crazy! This is crazy,” as he jumps up and down, strips off his pants and leaves on his socks.

The scene evokes Eliot Spitzer at the Mayflower, of course, but it’s actually a lot more innocent — it’s the latest spot in DirecTV’s “Fourth Wall” series from Deutsch/LA. In it, former Sports Illustrated cover model Christie Brinkley bobs in a swimming pool, a present-day presence calling out to the soft and bumbling Chevy Chase of 1983.

A reprisal of the iconic scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation, the difference here is that after old Chevy cannonballs into the pool, courtesy of the original film footage, the wet and chlorinated head of the Christie of 2008 turns to us and says, “What’s crazy is not connecting your new flat screen to DirecTV