a message that sticks

Michael Brogan believes he has found a new and unique way to reach kids with ads: by putting them on temporary tattoos and stickers dispensed from vending machines.

If the reach seems limited, Brogan assures it’s not. “One company alone sells 3 million booklets of tattoos each month,” he said. “We’re shocked no one has seized this opportunity before.”

Even so, Brogan wants to start slow—with public-service messages. The company has an agreement with Brand Imports (the one that sells 3 million booklets a month) to place PSAs on the packaging. Rockit Marketing co-founder Dick Januzzi created three cartoon charters who will convey anti-drug and stay-in-school messages to kids.

A character named Yell’n, perched on a skateboard with a base ball cap on sideways, tell kids, “The only hits you should take are on a ramp.” Yell’n is joined by a girl named Tell’n and a stern-looking guy named Chill’n.

“Ultimately we’re hoping big advertisers like Coke and Pepsi will see how effective this is and become involved,” said Brogan.