Merger Talk in the Ocean State

The compact nature of the state and continued consolidation among ad agencies has finally prompted the boards of two trade associations in Rhode Island to consider what some of its member companies have already done: merge.
The Rhode Island Advertising Club and the Women’s Advertising Club of Rhode Island sent letters and ballots to their members last week asking for a vote on the proposal.
Both clubs have seen membership numbers decline: RIAC has 110 members while WACRI has a membership of 80. Surprisingly, there is only an overlap of 12 members in both clubs.
“It’s time for a collective voice,” said Barbara Nauman, promotion director at the Providence Journal-Bulletin and president of the RIAC.
Leadership of both clubs believe the measure will carry and in their letter made an empassioned plea to “vote YES for the Club of the Future.”
Both organizations are decades old. WACRI was founded in 1920 and the RIAC in 1949.
A final tally of the votes is expected this week. –Judy Warne