NEW YORK–The tagline for the Mercedes campaign, “Sacrifice Nothing,” has been sacrificed." data-categories ="" >

Mercedes’ ‘Sacrifice’ gets tagged out By Roy Furchgot

NEW YORK–The tagline for the Mercedes campaign, “Sacrifice Nothing,” has been sacrificed.

The tag will no longer appear in Mercedes advertising, though the client and its agencies, The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va., and Scali, McCabe, Sloves, New York, said it might be revived in the future.
“It’s part of the transition in fundamental strategy,” said John Adams, president of Martin and a member of the five-man “Team Mercedes” group that guides the account.
The “Sacrifice Nothing” tag was part of an image-oriented “core values” strategy, Adams said. It was meant to stress safety, styling and performance.
“The strategy right now,” he said, “is to talk about the new classes.” As such, the old tagline will be replaced by a simple shot of the Mercedes hood ornament and the words “Mercedes-Benz.”
Adams stressed the old tagline was not dropped due to concerns over whether it was politically correct in a time when the Clinton administration is calling for sacrifice.
“We asked ourselves, ‘Was it too ’80s? Is it right for the ’90s?'” he said. “We went through all of that and tested it twice and it did fine.”
Linda Paulmeno, Mercedes’ manager of media relations, said the tag “worked very effectively last year.”
The change will not affect the dual nature of the Mercedes account between Martin and Scali.
Strategy will be plotted by a joint committee with members from both advertising agencies, but the companies will continue to handle different assignments.
Scali, the parent company of Martin, currently handles image advertising while the retail and dealer portion of the account is handled by Martin.
“We aren’t abandoning core values,” Adams said. “We might mention core value in each class’s ad.”
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