A Memorable Invention

Viewers won’t need 3-D glasses to appreciate all the dimensions of a new Chevrolet Malibu print ad.
The ad, from Chevy national agency Campbell-Ewald Advertising in Warren, Mich., incorporates an actual Post-it Note (shown here) that consumers can remove from the page.
Breaking today in Newsweek, the ad features Art Fry, inventor of 3M’s Post-it Note, standing on a grassy field with a Chevy Malibu behind him. The caption: “Art Fry. Inventor of the Post-it Note.” Above the Malibu, copy says: “The very inventive Chevy Malibu.” Stuck to one of the fingers on Fry’s raised hand is the note, which reads: “Win a Chevy Malibu! To enter see details below or click www.chevrolet.com/ malibu/win.
Copy reads: “Things we’ve noticed about Americans: We know a good idea when we see it.”
While several regional ads have featured Post-it notes, Campbell-Ewald believes this is the first national work to incorporate the actual product. The agency also claims it is the largest Post-it Note insertion ever.
–Tanya Irwin