Mello Yello Launches ‘Smooth’ Site

NEW YORK — Coca-Cola has launched the first consumer site for its citrus soft drink, Mello Yello.

The company also said it plans to debut two new Mello Yello spots on the Web site Monday. The new commercials, which continue the “How would you stay smooth?” theme from Berlin Cameron & Partners in New York, will start appearing on TV later this month.

Like the TV spots, the Web site ( focuses on the “smooth” experience of the beverage.

One of the sections of the site, “Do I Rock or Not,” lets visitors rate photos, audio clips and stories on a scale of one to ten according to how much they think the submissions “rock.” Users can also enter their own submissions or e-mail friends to encourage them to “submit their own bad selves.” Another section connects user to Internet radio provided by Loudeye Technologies.

The site also encourages consumers to suggest alternative endings to Mello Yello TV spots that feature awkward moments and smooth ways to deal with the potentially embarrassing situations.