McGwire Sets Steals Record

Is theft the ultimate compliment for an outdoor ad? If so, Core in St. Louis can feel honored by the response to its latest work for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper.
Police were put on special alert last week after vandals did some damage while trying to steal the ads from bus shelters. But Mark McGwire, not Core’s creatives, should probably take the credit. The ads, touting the paper’s coverage of McGwire’s home run quest, featured Post-Dispatch photos of the Cardinals’ slugger.
The day McGwire tied Roger Maris’ record of 61 homers, thieves broke the plexiglass at several shelters in downtown St. Louis. “The next night, they brought tools,” said Marc Kempter of Core. Savvy marketers that they are, Core executives quickly decided to make the ads into posters.
“It’s been an incredible story to cover,” reads body type on one ad. “And one that will be remembered and retold for generations to come.” Some, of course, will have more than just the story.
–Trevor Jensen