McCann Saying Cheese Again

California Producers Stick With a Campaign That’s Working
SAN FRANCISCO –McCann/A&L has wrapped up three new TV spots for the California Milk Advisory Board to air in California and Denver markets starting this week.
The 30-second spots, plus new outdoor and print work, are supported by an annual budget of $18 million. The work retains the tagline introduced last January in the client’s Super Bowl ad: “If it’s the cheese, it’s real California cheese.”
“This campaign has stood the test of time,” said Mike Freeman, director of advertising for CMAB. “This is really the marketing muscle for cheese makers in California.”
One of the new spots features an old woman living on the East Coast who leaves her house one morning on a shopping trip for California cheese. As she leaves, her husband is heard shouting, “Hey, get the good cheese this time!”
The brusque comment puts the woman in a foul mood, and as she makes her journey–walking from New York City to California–she mutters complaints about her bossy husband. “Only the best for Mr. Sit-and-Bellow,” she growls as she walks along. “All he wants is cheese, cheese, cheese.” As she passes Mt. Rushmore, she glances up and sniffs, “Hmmph. Men.”
Another humorous execution features a group of British rockers who insist on confining their world tour to California because they love the cheese.
Print work focuses on the virtues of individual cheeses and their flavors.