Matthews/Mark, Lamkin Get a Grip

Using the Wrong Golf Club Handle Is a Crime in a Pair of Print Ads
LOS ANGELES – Matthews/Mark explores the troubles that can befall golfers who don’t use the right club grip in its latest campaign for Lamkin.
The print ads for the San Diego-based golf club manufacturer depict the unfortunate consequences of using the wrong grip.
One full-page ad shows a black-and-white crime scene photo featuring the outline of the crime victim (with golf club and ball) on a golf course path. Yellow police tape surrounds the area. “Exhibit 3B,” an errant golf ball, appears at the top of the ad as “evidence.” The grip itself and Lamkin logo appear at the bottom, along with copy suggesting the grip’s “innovative pattern stabilizes your hands at impact, to keep you out of all kinds of trouble.”
“Golfers are very lively, very passionate [about the game], and it’s hard to find that [reflected] in print,” said Michael Mark, president and creative director at the San Diego agency. “We worked hard to make the ads funny and irreverent, but true.”
Another ad shows an X-ray of a human cranium in profile, with a golf ball imbedded in the skull. The business card of “Mort Settleman,” a personal injury attorney, is attached to the side of the X-ray. Text below reads, “The Lamkin Crossline grip’s innovative pattern stabilizes your hands at impact, helping you avoid wild shots. And lawsuits.”
The continuing tagline, “Change your grip. Change your game,” appears at the bottom of the ads.
The ads began their run in June issues of Golf World, Sports Illustrated Golf Plus and Golf Tips. TV spots are in production.
The agency has also done some guerrilla marketing, placing the tagline on rakes used for fishing golf balls out of sand traps.
The art director on the ads was Mark Albertazzi, and the copywriter was Patrick Emerick. ¡