A Matter of Taste

Ordinarily, the words “bagel” and “sexy” aren’t often said in the same breath. But a new ad from CMG Communications may create a new image altogether for the chewy, doughy foodstuff.

The work, the shop’s first for the new Empire City Bagel store on 24th Street and Sixth Ave. in New York City, broke last week in print and outdoor media. It plays off the fact that the eatery has replaced the site’s longtime former tenant, gentlemen’s club Billy’s Topless, which recently closed.

The ad itself shows two plain bagels—situated beside each other so as to suggest the appearance of, well … a pair of breasts—above the copy, “Empire City Bagel. At the former location of Billy’s Topless, 24th St. & 6th Ave.”

The goal of the work is “simply to create awareness of the [site’s former tenant] that everyone knows and to drive traffic to this location,” said Don Moriarty, managing partner at the New York agency.

The ad broke outdoors at phone kiosks in New York and in The Village Voice. Empire City Bagel will also be selling T-shirts with the same imagery.