Mascola Promotes Conn. Valley

Bucolic scenes and local attractions are the focus of Mascola Advertising’s breaking ads for the Connecticut River Valley & Shoreline Visitors Council.
Print executions show the Connecticut River winding its way through the region and sites of interest such as Gillette Castle, the Goodspeed Opera House and the vintage steam train and riverboat in Essex.
One headline reads: “Our history is a narrative written in water, wood and stone.” Another proclaims, “Heaven is a state of mind. The state is Connecticut.”
The goal of the campaign, according to agency representative Mike Kuczkowski, is to reinforce the already strong perception people have of the region as providing a pastoral but diverse getaway from the grind of the New York metropolitan area. Ads target city dwellers and weary suburbanites.
The New Haven, Conn., agency has worked on the tourism account for the past three years.
The district recently released budget figures indicating that it is the fastest growing tourism region in the state, with revenue increases of 30 percent per year for the past two years.
The effort is running in Connecticut Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, Preservation and other Northeastern publications. The ads will run through the
summer. K