Martin Agency Showcases Worldly-Wise UPS

ATLANTA Brown goes global in recent television spots for United Parcel Service from The Martin Agency.

Two 30-second spots feature UPS drivers delivering packages to offices in America, Asia and Europe. In “Just Like You,” women receiving packages question drivers about the parcel company’s capability to ship worldwide. The women speak English and Japanese, respectively, but both ask the same questions and get the same answers from their UPS deliveryman.

“Frank and Franco” are two UPS drivers at opposite ends of the world delivering packages to and from international clients. The men speak English and Italian, respectively, but go about the business of delivering their packages and interacting with clients and the public in the exact same way.

Kinka Usher of House of Usher in Los Angeles directed the commercials. Both were filmed at Universal Studios in Beverly Hills, Calif., according to the shop.

Martin said the ads began airing last week on broadcast and cable networks. The spots broke during American Idol on Fox and played during the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament on CBS.

UPS spends $140 million annually on advertising, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.