Martha Stewart Rolls Out Paint

Martha Stewart’s new line of Sherwin-Williams branded paints will get a plug during the Academy Awards telecast with a spot from Wyse Advertising.

Stewart’s alliance with the Cleveland-based paint company had previously been limited to a line of Martha Stewart Everyday paints. They were manufactured by Sherwin-Williams but sold through Kmart, which carries a full line of Stewart’s products, and Sears.

Sherwin-Williams is now marketing Martha Stewart Signature paints through its chain of 2,000 retail stores. The paints also carry the Sherwin-Williams name. The company is well-known among contractors and savvy do-it-yourselfers for quality paints, but this deal is expected to “send a whole new customer into the store,” said M.J. Smith, director of advertising for the client.

The Cleveland agency, which splits the account with Doner in Southfield, Mich., has developed a 30-second spot that attempts to sweep viewers into Stewart’s world. In the ad, a woman gazes at an antique teapot. Then, a continuous panning shot shows the woman choosing colors at a Sherwin-Williams store, a wall being painted and a finished kitchen, where the woman and her friends are enjoying tea from the same teapot. The final shot includes Stewart herself.

“We were trying to recreate the process from the inspiration, in this case an antique teapot, and go through the whole decorating process,” said Sharyn Hinman, copywriter for the spot and a creative director at Wyse.

The campaign, which will also include print ads from Wyse, is expected to draw a more upscale consumer who might not typically be exposed to Stewart’s paints, Smith said. “There are some consumers who would never go into a Kmart store,” she said.