Martha Stewart Cooks Up Some Land O’Lakes Fun With the Help of a Drone

Latest Facebook Live session featured a special delivery

Today’s lunchtime presentation by Martha Stewart was sponsored by Land O’Lakes butter. And certainly, when the sponsor’s product made its unsalted, ribbon-tied entrance, it was a moment to make note of. A moment that reminded Fishbowl of the live-TV product placements of old.

Stewart, a big fan of drones, called out: “Where the heck is the butter?… Butter?… I hear a noise. Butter?” Entering from stage left was the butter, airborne. Stewart went on to note that drone delivery is the way of the future and also the way of the present in “Martha’s kitchen.”

As senior DJI pilot Edward Kostakis subsequently explained on-camera, the drone in question is the Mavic Pro, which came out last September. It retails for $999.99, provides a flying time of 27 minutes and a camera resolution of 4K.

Stewart owns one herself. Earlier this year, she blogged about some Mavic Pro photo-taking tutelage with Kostakis on her farm.

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