A Major Push for Minorities

Foxwoods Resorts Ca-sino plans a $3 million multicultural push next year, and will rely on three specialty shops to help it reach a broader audience in the Northeast.

The client last week named Ad-merasia, Spike-DDB and HispanAmerica, all in New York, as its minority marketers.

“We felt that we needed to work with specialists in the multicultural space,” said Martin Kramer, director of advertising at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Conn.

Foxwoods’ new ad partners will not affect its relationship with Trahan, Burden & Charles in Baltimore, which for the past several years has handled the casino’s general-market account. Foxwoods spends $10-15 million on advertising annually, per CMR.

African American and Hispanic test marketing, which begins immediately in Boston, includes radio, outdoor and local sponsorships. TV, print and radio test ads aimed at Asian Americans launch in both Boston and New York.

“This is an exciting relationship for each of us,” said Dana Wade, president of SpikeDDB. “Foxwoods recognizes that continued market-share leadership relies on acquiring and cultivating loyalty among the growing African American, Asian American and Hispanic [populations].”