LVCVA “Grapevinia”

It’s an anomaly of life in the land of the free: People who squeal about the slightest governmental restraint on their liberty will voluntarily submit to the tyranny of a “personal trainer.” Sometimes, however, those who’ve done this will make a sudden (if temporary) dash for freedom. That’s what we witness in this latest execution in the “what’s your excuse” campaign for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, via R&R Partners of that city. When a particularly militant trainer expects to see a client on Monday for a “butt-busters” session, the latter (with a look of panic in her eyes) launches into a tale about why she’ll be obliged to be elsewhere that day. Naturally, the excuse entails a jaunt to Las Vegas for a long weekend — in this case, to mark the anniversary (according to her outlandish story) of the accidental invention of wine. In the long-running “happens here, stays here” series, people shake off the constraints of workaday life when they get to Las Vegas. In the “what’s your excuse” series of spots, they’re already sinning as they fib about why they’ve got to leave town and scoot off to Las Vegas. My own feeling is that these spots have been less consistently clever than their “happens here, stays here” counterparts, but this one is quite engaging. –Mark Dolliver